What we do

We give life to homes and control to owners, we give you reasons not worry about the lights you forgot to switch off or the appliances that leaves you in doubt wether its off or not. We give you remote access to your home from wherever you are in the world, this means you can power off your lights, blender and other electrical appliances from the comfort of your office whlst you also recieve updates about activities going on in your home and visitors who came around visiting in your absence, We give you rest of Mind.

Who we are

We are Team of Technology enthusiast whoose Passion, Dedication, Knowledge and Experience of Technology and its workings gives us every reason to smile at problems because we know the solution to such problems are never far-fetched, we are goal oriented and dedicated to working the talk, we are that Home Automation team your home has been waiting to talk to .

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We give you total control of your Home,
including remote control over your home appliances.

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